Who We Are

SnowExchange is Australia’s newest change to the online snow industry.  We have been launched to bring a blast of fresh air to the way we buy, sell and shop for snow gear online.

What We Do

Here at SnowExchange we aim to provide a marketplace for the second hand ski market by allowing for individuals to buy list and sell their own gear, while also shopping for the next items from sellers across Australia. We also provide a service for snow stores to sell and list their items, reaching buyers all over Australia while helping them increase their online presence in the growing online market.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to help combine the second hand and new ski gear markets to make it easier for you to get the gear best for you at the cheapest price possible. In addition to this we pride ourselves on offering service that provides a cost competitive means for stores to increase their online presence and bring their businesses into the 21
st century without compromising their in store operations.

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