Ski Poles

Ski Poles

Ski poles are an essential piece of skiing equipment. They provide you with support and balance, help you time your turns, help you hike, skate around the mountain and pull your snowboard mates on the flats.

Generally, just about every ski pole can be used for all-mountain skiing. However, there are a few specialty types of poles. yfujyryjtfduytfjy
These poles range from basic aluminium to high-tech carbon fibre for skiers of all ages and ability.
These poles are much shorter, allowing for greater maneuverability and have smaller grips for grab tricks.
Race poles feature the most technical and durable materials. For speed events, some poles are shaped for aerodynamics. They usually have smaller cone-shaped baskets that reduce the chance of getting hooked on gates.
Side Country/Backcountry
These poles feature an adjustable length and can also have backcountry tools such as an ice axe or inclinometer.
Cross Country
An ideal cross-country ski pole is light and stiff, allowing the skier to constantly lift the pole over long durations and the stiffness to generate force when pushing.
High-Grade Aluminium
High-grade aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it very durable while providing a stiffer feel than other lighter weight materials. However, it can be more expensive than conventional materials.
This material is common in junior and beginner ski poles. It is not as light as other high-tech materials such as carbon fibre, however, it is durable and economical.
These poles are more flexible and durable than standard aluminium

and can bend easily without breaking.

Carbon Fiber
These are high-end poles commonly used by advanced skiers. Carbon fiber has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and is also flexible.
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